Working Mom


I always knew that I would go back to work after having a baby- I just don’t think I really thought of how hard that would be. The first few weeks there were tears, and guilt, and jealousy. I couldn’t help it. I wanted to be home with my little guy, and three plus years later it has not changed. If I could, I would spend more time at home with him. Even to this day.

Many moms out there are doing the “Working Mom” thing, and enjoying it. I make do.

Part of me feels better knowing he is being taken good care of at his Preschool. He has been attending the same one since he was 20 months. Before that we had an In-home Daycare that we would take him to. I know he is thriving. He is socializing and making friends. He is learning and getting smarter and smarter everyday. When I get pictures from the school seeing what he is up to, it makes me smile knowing that I am doing what is right for our family. When I pick him up and he excitedly tells me all about his day, it warms my heart knowing that he is enjoying himself and playing with kids his own age, making what could potentially be life-long friends.

As he gets older, it should get easier. I will be anxiously waiting for the school year to begin so my kid isn’t underfoot. But in the meantime, I will get through it by spending as much time with him that I can and making each of those moments super special 🙂

How do other moms cope? What are some good Mother-Son activities that you enjoy?


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