Go, Go, Go!

No matter how much time I give myself, the mornings just always seem to go by in a blur. With so many things to do in a short amount of time, it is not a wonder that things get pretty hectic at times.

Here are some ideas to lessen the load in the mornings:

  1. Prepare lunches the night before – while this may seem like a no-brainer, it is not always the easiest thing to remember. I always catch myself saying, “I can do it tomorrow. It will be quick.” But it isn’t. I try to prepare the main component/dish ahead of time, and get the snacks put together in their baggies the night before. I do however save the fruit/veggie component for the morning so that it doesn’t start to oxidize too soon (especially since my little guy loves all kinds of apples – I hate brown apple slices!). Also, make sure if your sippy cups have multiple pieces, that they are all put together so you are not searching for the one crucial piece at the very last moment.
  2. Set aside the next day’s outfit – Have an outfit picked out the night before so you are not wasting time looking for a missing sock, or that particular shirt as you are trying to get out the door in the morning. Even better, have your little one help pick out the outfit – don’t worry you can always steer them in the right direction. And if that doesn’t work, just go with it! This is the time that they can get away with “goofy” outfits and still look as adorable as ever!
  3. Take inventory – make sure you know where the necessities are the night before, and set them by the door if possible. Do you know where your little one (or husband) left the backpack? Are there two of the same shoe waiting to be put on their feet?
  4. Plan out what you will be serving for breakfast – if there is any prep work involved, try to incorporate it during dinner prep. What is one more thing to chop if you are already prepping all the dinner stuff. Getting this out of the way saves you that precious time in the morning when you are staring aimlessly into the fridge trying to figure out what to make for breakfast. There are also a ton of great ideas on Pinterest for items you can make in bulk over the weekend, for example, so all you have to do is defrost or heat up each morning. One that comes to mind that my son loved was the Pancake Bites. I made them on a Sunday for breakfast in different flavors and he enjoyed them during the week as well and all the work and clean up was already done.

These tips not only help moms and dads get out the door quickly in the mornings with their little ones, but can come in handy for anyone at any age, with or without kids.


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