Transitions: Big-Boy Bed VS Toddler Bed

My husband and I have been talking A LOT about this lately – should we or shouldn’t we upgrade to a “big-boy” bed?

Jayden has been having trouble sleeping in his own bed and has been coming into our bed in the middle of the night. We want him to go back to his usual routine so that we can get some rest too – he is a kicker unfortunately and keeps mommy and daddy up when he joins us.

He is 3, almost 4 and should be able to stay in his own bed. We have tried returning him to his own bed over and over again, but none of us are getting any sleep and it isn’t really working for us. Then there is the whole thing of him now choosing to sleep on the floor in his room. He will grab his pillow and a blanket and transfer to the floor in the middle of his room after we have tucked him into his bed for the night. Not sure what that is about!


The KURA reversible bed from IKEA. Courtesy of

So now I am thinking that having a new big-boy bed and making a big deal about it will help motivate him to stay in it. He has been into making his own decisions lately, so we are planning to take him shopping with us and letting him choose his own bed – with a lot of guidance from mommy and daddy – should do the trick. This way he is somewhat invested in it, rather than just coming home to something new that he is now supposed to like.

He has been loving tree houses/clubhouses/forts, and he even builds them with his blankets using chairs and the couch, so we are looking for somewhat of a tent style bed, maybe a low loft style so he can make a clubhouse out of the bottom half. I have been scouting out Pinterest for inspiration – I liked the idea of creating a little reading nook so he would have a comfy spot to read his books or just relax. Then there is also the idea of creating more toy storage. This would free up some space in the living room turned playroom. Then there is also the idea of letting him use it for a clubhouse. So many ideas to choose from! I may have to do some sort of combination of all three and add some pizzazz to make it extra special.

I’m thinking we will be making the transition sooner rather than later – just hoping for the best! and LOTS more rest 🙂


School is back in session!


Jayden attended Summer Camp at the same school so to him it may seem like he never stopped going, but to us parents there is a difference. Summer school consisted of swimming lessons, on-site field trips, fun educational activities. The school year on the other hand focuses more on the curriculum – while still having fun. At 3-5 years old, you have no choice but to make it fun or those kids will turn on you! We have even begun his homework time when he comes home from school using different worksheets and flash cards. He seems to really be enjoying it. He even asked for it on his own over the weekend!

To prepare for the school year, we braved the back-to-school shopping even though we did not receive lists from the school (thank goodness, since I have heard how much of a nightmare these could be). We were there to find a new backpack, lunchbox, and what ever else caught our attention. This year we thought it would be a good time to get a backpack that Jayden could carry on his own. His last one was more convenient for us parents to schlep items to and from school. We asked Jayden what kind of backpack he would like ahead of time, showing him pictures. The problem with this is he is 3 1/2. His choice changed just about every day. I finally had to tell him that it was crunch time and that whatever he chose was it. No more changing it once Mommy bought it. He chose a Spiderman backpack, and enjoys being a big boy carrying his own bag. He looks so cute walking into school with his little backpack and lunchbox. He has grown up so much!

He has been in the same school since he was 20 months and we just love it and so does he. He started off in their Toddler Program, then just kept moving up and now he is in the oldest Preschool classroom. I cannot believe that PreK is next! Time is going by so fast.

While shy to start, Jayden sure has warmed up to lots of the students and teachers. He has his little group of friends that he plays with at school and he is so excited to see them in the morning and talks about them once I pick him up. It is so cute to hear him talk about what this person did, or what they said, or what games they played. I find it wonderful that he has found his place in the class and has friends to enjoy his day with and I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing he isn’t miserable when I have to be at work. The best part of the day for me though is still when he comes running to me, yelling “mommy” happy as can be when I pick him up! I know he had lots of fun at school that day, but at least he still missed his mommy (even just a little bit). I know after a while he isn’t going to be so happy to see me, will want me to leave so he can play, and will not want a hug or kiss in front of his friends so I am trying to enjoy these little moments as much as I can now – soak it up

Check out some of our finds:

Spiderman Backpack (purchase at

Jayden has been loving superheroes these days so Spiderman won the backpack battle!

Fit and Fresh Lunch Kit (purchase at

These lunch kits have come in very handy since the ice pack connects to it and it comes in so many sizes. Downside, we have lost a few of the ice packs since they are so small. I just throw an extra ice pack in the lunch box to keep things cool.

Zak! Spiderman Water Bottle (purchase at

While Jayden drinks from an open cup mainly when we are home, school still requires a spill-proof cup since they are dealing with a bunch of kids at one time. We have switched to these lately, in different characters. Jayden likes it, and is much more suited for “big boys”.

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Jayden had a couple days off of school so we decided to make one of the days a “family day” and made our way out to Buena Park. Knotts Berry Farm! We probably could have chosen a cooler day to go, as it was at least 98 degrees that day, but when he has no school you make the best of it.

Let me just say, the new parking configuration stinks! I have not been in years, but I do remember that you would drive into the park and the entrance to the parking was to the left, under the bridge. Well, now that lot is for Soak City. Knotts parking is all the way around the hotel. The walk was hot and long. No shuttle. No shade what so ever. Parking is $17… not worth it when you are having to walk all that way just to start your day. They really need to look into getting a shuttle.

A little research goes a long way when trying out these cool Cali attractions. I found out quickly, never buy your tickets at the gate since gets you some great deals. Also, with it being such a hot day we made use of our next find. Online you can purchase their reusable cup for $4.00 less than at the park. You get free refills your entire first visit and refills are just $0.99 each for future visits. We bought 2 for our group of 4 people and we refilled at least 4 times each. Well worth it when each drink is typically upward of $6 each.


We started off with the Calico Train that went all around the park for a easy start to our day. The “bandits” are not as rough and tough as I remember, but I liked that since there were a bunch of little kids on our car. Jayden was a bit scared, but did give one guy a fist bump 🙂


Jaden really enjoyed the Snoopy show in Camp Snoopy. He got to see Lucy, Linus, Charlie Brown, and most importantly he got to see Snoopy! I don’t think he looked away from the stage once. You could tell most of the kids enjoyed the show, so bravo to the Snoopy group for putting on a good show! The only other show we went to was the Cowboy Antics which was slapstick comedy – Jayden seemed to enjoy it after it was all said and done, but during the show he did NOT want to get too close. I don’t blame him. The “gun shots” had me jumping just from the sheer volume, and I knew they were not real. Not too sure what my 3 year old thought. There were a couple other shows that we were hoping to see, but the schedule just didn’t work out for us.

We had a great time in Camp Snoopy! Jayden enjoyed the rides and since it wasn’t too busy was able to finish the ride and pretty much get right back on again, with maybe one round of waiting. Not bad at all! He enjoyed the big truck rides the most and probably the rollercoaster the least – may have been just a bit too much for him. My husband and I enjoyed the fact that we were able to join in the fun and see the joy in Jayden’s face. Lots of smiles that day!

On our way out we of course had to grab a souvenir or two. The problem was they really didn’t have very much stuff in stock. Lots of stuffed animals, and we got Jayden a Snoopy of his own. But we were hoping to get him a shirt too. What kid attraction doesn’t have kid sized clothes available for sale?? They had tons of adult sized stuff, but the kids/toddler section was slim pick in’s. The only thing we found in his size (3T) was pink and girlie so we had to pass. Maybe next time, I guess.

I think Jayden enjoyed Knotts enough to plan a second trip… but maybe this time we will pick a cooler day to go.