Jayden had a couple days off of school so we decided to make one of the days a “family day” and made our way out to Buena Park. Knotts Berry Farm! We probably could have chosen a cooler day to go, as it was at least 98 degrees that day, but when he has no school you make the best of it.

Let me just say, the new parking configuration stinks! I have not been in years, but I do remember that you would drive into the park and the entrance to the parking was to the left, under the bridge. Well, now that lot is for Soak City. Knotts parking is all the way around the hotel. The walk was hot and long. No shuttle. No shade what so ever. Parking is $17… not worth it when you are having to walk all that way just to start your day. They really need to look into getting a shuttle.

A little research goes a long way when trying out these cool Cali attractions. I found out quickly, never buy your tickets at the gate since gets you some great deals. Also, with it being such a hot day we made use of our next find. Online you can purchase their reusable cup for $4.00 less than at the park. You get free refills your entire first visit and refills are just $0.99 each for future visits. We bought 2 for our group of 4 people and we refilled at least 4 times each. Well worth it when each drink is typically upward of $6 each.


We started off with the Calico Train that went all around the park for a easy start to our day. The “bandits” are not as rough and tough as I remember, but I liked that since there were a bunch of little kids on our car. Jayden was a bit scared, but did give one guy a fist bump 🙂


Jaden really enjoyed the Snoopy show in Camp Snoopy. He got to see Lucy, Linus, Charlie Brown, and most importantly he got to see Snoopy! I don’t think he looked away from the stage once. You could tell most of the kids enjoyed the show, so bravo to the Snoopy group for putting on a good show! The only other show we went to was the Cowboy Antics which was slapstick comedy – Jayden seemed to enjoy it after it was all said and done, but during the show he did NOT want to get too close. I don’t blame him. The “gun shots” had me jumping just from the sheer volume, and I knew they were not real. Not too sure what my 3 year old thought. There were a couple other shows that we were hoping to see, but the schedule just didn’t work out for us.

We had a great time in Camp Snoopy! Jayden enjoyed the rides and since it wasn’t too busy was able to finish the ride and pretty much get right back on again, with maybe one round of waiting. Not bad at all! He enjoyed the big truck rides the most and probably the rollercoaster the least – may have been just a bit too much for him. My husband and I enjoyed the fact that we were able to join in the fun and see the joy in Jayden’s face. Lots of smiles that day!

On our way out we of course had to grab a souvenir or two. The problem was they really didn’t have very much stuff in stock. Lots of stuffed animals, and we got Jayden a Snoopy of his own. But we were hoping to get him a shirt too. What kid attraction doesn’t have kid sized clothes available for sale?? They had tons of adult sized stuff, but the kids/toddler section was slim pick in’s. The only thing we found in his size (3T) was pink and girlie so we had to pass. Maybe next time, I guess.

I think Jayden enjoyed Knotts enough to plan a second trip… but maybe this time we will pick a cooler day to go.


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