Transitions: Big-Boy Bed VS Toddler Bed

My husband and I have been talking A LOT about this lately – should we or shouldn’t we upgrade to a “big-boy” bed?

Jayden has been having trouble sleeping in his own bed and has been coming into our bed in the middle of the night. We want him to go back to his usual routine so that we can get some rest too – he is a kicker unfortunately and keeps mommy and daddy up when he joins us.

He is 3, almost 4 and should be able to stay in his own bed. We have tried returning him to his own bed over and over again, but none of us are getting any sleep and it isn’t really working for us. Then there is the whole thing of him now choosing to sleep on the floor in his room. He will grab his pillow and a blanket and transfer to the floor in the middle of his room after we have tucked him into his bed for the night. Not sure what that is about!


The KURA reversible bed from IKEA. Courtesy of

So now I am thinking that having a new big-boy bed and making a big deal about it will help motivate him to stay in it. He has been into making his own decisions lately, so we are planning to take him shopping with us and letting him choose his own bed – with a lot of guidance from mommy and daddy – should do the trick. This way he is somewhat invested in it, rather than just coming home to something new that he is now supposed to like.

He has been loving tree houses/clubhouses/forts, and he even builds them with his blankets using chairs and the couch, so we are looking for somewhat of a tent style bed, maybe a low loft style so he can make a clubhouse out of the bottom half. I have been scouting out Pinterest for inspiration – I liked the idea of creating a little reading nook so he would have a comfy spot to read his books or just relax. Then there is also the idea of creating more toy storage. This would free up some space in the living room turned playroom. Then there is also the idea of letting him use it for a clubhouse. So many ideas to choose from! I may have to do some sort of combination of all three and add some pizzazz to make it extra special.

I’m thinking we will be making the transition sooner rather than later – just hoping for the best! and LOTS more rest 🙂


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