Thanksgiving is just around the corner – this year has flown by so quickly!

This is the time of year that people go crazy trying to get that latest craze or that biggest deal. Don’t worry, I don’t judge. I am one of the many that go out that night and try to get some great gifts for my family. But the difference is, I don’t really have much expectation. I think this helps us not get involved in all the craziness that happens – I think we have all seen at least one of “those” videos. Wasn’t their someone just last year who pepper sprayed people in Walmart, then claimed that she felt threatened!

My cousin and I have made it a tradition to go shopping together. Some years others join us, but it is always a great chance for us to have some “girl time” especially now that she has moved out of state.

The difference is, we don’t have a set time to start. We enjoy our time with the entire family at the celebration, hang out and play with the kids, eat lots of food, then once just about everyone leaves we start making our way out as well. We never really have a game plan and just out to have some fun, and hope to find some great things.

give thanks.jpg

But before the craziness begins, I want to take some time to express what I am thankful for this year:

My son – he is my life. He brings joy to everything we do, and everyone we encounter. He smiles and it truly lights up a room. I love any moment spent together, and any cuddles he is willing to share with me. I treasure those moments because I know they won’t last forever.

My husband – through thick and thin we have each other. He is truly my best friend, my other half. I miss him when I am not with him, and am happy when we are together. We may go through some ups and downs, but through it all we always choose each other. We choose to be happy. We choose to love each other.

Our family – besides the 4 of us (fur baby included), we have an awesome support system in our families. They are there to talk to, to spend time with, to go on adventures with, to teach us, to listen, to help us in raising a well rounded individual, to be our guides through the world, to encourage us when we may feel lost, and to celebrate the good times that come our way.

Our home – we have recently been looking for something larger as we are slowly outgrowing our little house. But small as it is, it is ours. This is where we started, this is where we became a family. It will always be our home.

My job – it is typically hard to find something you enjoy doing, or find a company you enjoy working for. I have been lucky enough to find both. I had a bit of a employment change a few years back and changed fields. I was fortunate that it was possible with my current company during a time that I needed stability the most. I enjoyed both fields, but knew the move was very much needed at the time. Who knows, I may end up going back once things calm down again. Maybe.

Our friends – a large part of our lives and our honorary family members. I could not do it without my friends.  They keep me grounded. They encourage me to do better. They love my son like their own. They accept me for who I am (crazy and all). They are supportive. They love me. Most importantly, they are there.

Taking some time out to remember all the good in our lives is VERY important. More and more it seems people forget that there is always good – in people, in moments, in life. It may not show itself each and every day, but it is there. We often take it for granted, but it is what helps keep us going, what makes us live our lives the way we do.

Never forget to give thanks – you are more blessed than you think you are.


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