How to: Holiday/Birthday (part 4)


We have finally made it to Christmas!

We celebrate with my husband’s side on Christmas Eve and with my side of the family on Christmas Day. Lots of food, lots of love, lots of presents.

Jayden was so excited to spend the time with his cousins and play with his new toys.

I did not take many pictures because I really tried to remain in the moment and just enjoy being in the company of those I love.

One thing that we did again this year was the Elf on the Shelf. We started this tradition last year, but Jayden did not quite get it yet (so it was easy!). This year I got excited and did a little Pinterest research for some good ideas.

First of all, I made him so much easier to pose by adding a little wire to his arms and legs. I did not have to worry as much about him falling over and have to god-forbit touch him infront of the kid.

Here are some of my favorites, and I think they were Jayden’s favorites too!



Jingles arrived with style – and with a present! Here is the finished product 🙂




Jingles was ready for some California snow!




Jingles wanted us to get into the spirit!


A little candy cane hunt with Jingles!


Jingles was almost ready to fly home with Santa!

Cant wait to see what Jingles will be up to next year!

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