Toddlers and Chores

Jayden has recently turned 4 years old and we felt it was time to start a chore chart. He used to do chores here and there such as feed the pup, clear his table after a meal, put his dirty clothes in the hamper- but it was more of a spontaneous thing not a requirement. Now we check his chart daily and he is able to put a star on all the things he did.

I purchased a really nice one on Amazon.

Kids Done Right Chore Chart via

This is one that my son and I saw on the show on TLC called “Little Couple”  and he got excited about it. I did a quick search on Amazon, and what do you know it was super easy to find. It is magnetic and dry erase compatible. My favorite part was the fact that it was compact with a sliding drawer to keep all the extra chores and stars. You did not need an extra spot or item to hold them all. There are basic chores to choose from such as Feeding the Pets, Taking out the Trash, Making the Bed, and Brushing Your Teeth which work well for us. But there is also the ability to write directly on the chart with any special chore you may come up with (bummer, but the dry erase marker is not included).

Hubby and I agreed before beginning this process that we would reward him with something each week. Nothing too crazy or expensive, but just enough to keep him excited. We also explained how this chore chart would work to Jayden so he understood all components of it including the reward system. This last week he earned a Paw Patrol toy that he has been wanting (that I had luckily bought with a coupon!). For next week he mentioned possibly earning a Hotwheel set. So far he has missed just one or two in a day and so we also discussed with him that if he did not fill it up as much he would get a smaller reward. He set he bar high on the first week, so hopefully he keeps up the good work.

The chore chart is also a learning process for us parents. Where we would typically just do it for him, we are realizing that we are helping him by teaching him to do things on his own. We will catch each other doing the chores for him and gently remind each other that he won’t get his star if we do it and if we remind Jayden that something needs done, he will typically stop what he is doing to go do it.

This is working well for us! Jayden is very excited to add his stars for the day and will sometimes ask for it earlier in the day – but he has to wait until the end of the day since that was what we had decided on. Having it as the last activity of each day gives us as sense of routine (even on crazy busy days) and this way he also has every chance throughout the day to get his chores done.

Our chore chart includes:

Getting dressed in the morning

Reading a book

Clearing the his table

Doing homework

Feeding the pup

Cleaning up his toys

Brushing his teeth

Getting ready for bed

Very manageable and easy for him to do. And as a bonus, it helps us parents as well 🙂

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