New School

Jayden has attended the same toddler program then preschool since he was 20 months and earlier this year we found out our school was closing for good at the end of the school year. It is a private school and I guess it’s time just came.

We are very bummed -he has made such great friends at this school and we love the staff. But the time has come to look elsewhere and find a new home away from home for him. We are working parents who do not have the choice of one of us staying home with him so the hardest part is finding the right people for him to spend so much time with. While we want him to learn, yes, we also want him to have loads of fun and make lots of friends.

I toured school after school, and researched them online. We finally made the decision and found him his new school. I was over the moon excited when the director told me that he will have 3 others from his old class in his new classroom. When she named them, I was relieved that they were names that I was familiar with, they were his friends.

While the transition will be hard, it’s not only a brand new school but also a brand new curriculum and new way of teaching, I have some level of peace knowing he won’t be lonely. As much as this is hard for him, I think it ends up harder on the parents since the kids┬ádon’t really know any different yet.

I have my fingers crossed that we have a smooth transition and a successful transfer.