Hubby just turned 40 last week! It was a heck of a celebration. His mom and I started conspiring probably around February – it was just a matter of coming together and agreeing on ideas and executing.

Mom would call me while at work so that he would not overhear us talking about it. We made sure not to discuss it in front of Jayden, because let’s be honest he is 4 years old and cannot keep a secret if his life depended on it ! 🙂 lol

In the end, we had several surprises lined up for the big celebration. David had already told us that he had requested Thursday- Sunday of his birthday week so we all decided to do the same and head out of town. Vegas was decided and we went from there. We concocted a plan to make hubby feel like getting the biggest suite at the hotel was the big birthday surprise– little did he know mom invited his best childhood friend out from Ohio to stay with us to surprise him. Then if that was not enough there was still the main event- dinner at a restaurant where everyone was to show up (friends, family, everyone – there was a good 25 of us!). We also squeezed in some family bowling, and grown up time (gambling) while the grandparents watched the kids.

Great food, tasty drinks, and best of all the wonderful company! It was a fabulous time and it could not have gone any better — well maybe if David’s reaction was a bit more obvious 🙂

It was loads of fun trying to surprise the hubs with such an elaborate plan, but boy was I glad when it was done and we could just enjoy ourselves! Too stressful keeping things from him! lol


2 bedroom suite with a large gathering space/living room – this was our Master suite! 


That view!!!


Get a strike!


Check out Jayden’s form!

Big fat Happy Birthday to my hubby, my partner in crime, my other half! ❤

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