The Little Moments

Lately there has been a lot more negative things happening in the world. It makes me think about the little moments we take for granted and re-think how I want my son to remember his days.

As parents, we always say to “pick your battles” and that rings very true. There is no need to make every little thing a bigger deal than it is. Does it need to get picked up right this second? No. Do we have to raise our voice to be heard? No. Will it kill you to be 5 minutes late? No. Is this a good example to set for the kids? No.

I admit, I run hot and cold and am quick to lose my patience/temper. I try not to, but it is not always easy. I am a passionate person, and it shows. I try to have more patience, and practice what I preach- I always tell Jayden to”use your words”.  Just because I am loud, does not mean I am heard. Talk calmly, purposefully… and most importantly, respectfully. I am also trying to be proactive rather than reactive. Prime when change is going to happen, give an idea of the schedule so they know what to expect, etc. I have also tried doing this for myself. Knowing and planning what’s to come rather than just winging it. Planning ahead seems to keep me in a more calm mindset.

I have also tried to lessen the media and technology influence. I am a creature of habit so this has been difficult at times, but totally necessary. As much as I can, I will leave my phone in the other room or tucked away in my purse so that it is not a temptation or distraction. Turn the TV off and catch my shows once everyone has gone to bed – that is what the DVR is for, right? This way I can spend more time playing or being silly. Just enjoying time together… truly together.

My next goal is to make dinner into a true family dinner. Where everyone sits together, at the same time, with no electronics, and just talks about their day. Too many times we are too busy, or too tired, or too lazy…. the list can go on. It needs to change now. I feel like we are missing out on a lot by not sitting together as a family and spending this time really talking. I want us to get into the habit of carving out 30-60 minutes for a family dinner, and not let anything get in the way.

Hug your kids. Spend time together as a family. Put away the phones and iPads. Go out and play ball. Snuggle in bed in the morning. Run out for ice cream. Go to the park and see who can swing higher. Grab some chalk and decorate your driveway. Have tickle fights.

Make each other a priority. Love each other.