Technology and I have always had a love-hate relationship.

Just today, I ended up deleting a good chunk of photos and videos off my phone because the sd card needed reformatting or something to that effect and I didn’t read through the pop up message I guess… because the next thing I know they were gone. Disappeared. Missing. I was on the verge of tears. (Warning: ALWAYS read the fine print in its entirety before hitting OK!)

Luckily, it looks like my Google backup was still on and working so nothing was permanently deleted, I just don’t have it on my phone anymore. Phew!

I already feel like I am slacking when it comes to taking pictures of my little one, but when you think the little bit that you do have is gone, it gives you a sinking, bad mommy feeling that is just plain horrible.

I have made a change. I have¬†told myself that I need to be better at capturing these great moments together so that we have something to look back on, and don’t have to rely solely on memory which, I hate to admit,¬†comes and goes even at this age. I also need to be better at printing the pictures or creating photo books to save these moments. It doesn’t do me any good having thousands of pictures on my account with nobody seeing them but me. I have used Shutterfly and have loved their products. I also am new to the Chatbooks world, but have loved their subscription of my Instagram photos so far. What are some other sites, products you can recommend to use for photos?