New School

Jayden has attended the same toddler program then preschool since he was 20 months and earlier this year we found out our school was closing for good at the end of the school year. It is a private school and I guess it’s time just came.

We are very bummed -he has made such great friends at this school and we love the staff. But the time has come to look elsewhere and find a new home away from home for him. We are working parents who do not have the choice of one of us staying home with him so the hardest part is finding the right people for him to spend so much time with. While we want him to learn, yes, we also want him to have loads of fun and make lots of friends.

I toured school after school, and researched them online. We finally made the decision and found him his new school. I was over the moon excited when the director told me that he will have 3 others from his old class in his new classroom. When she named them, I was relieved that they were names that I was familiar with, they were his friends.

While the transition will be hard, it’s not only a brand new school but also a brand new curriculum and new way of teaching, I have some level of peace knowing he won’t be lonely. As much as this is hard for him, I think it ends up harder on the parents since the kids¬†don’t really know any different yet.

I have my fingers crossed that we have a smooth transition and a successful transfer.


Valentine’s on a budget

Valentine’s has never been a big deal in our house – a different story when we were dating – but now that we are married and have a kid it just kind of becomes about him.

We have discussed not getting gifts for holidays such as Valentine’s just for the simple reason of saving money. A simple heartfelt card is more than enough. Although, I am still a girl – I would never turn down a bouquet of flowers ūüôā We also don’t typically go out that night because of all the craziness. I don’t have the patience to wait an hour+ for a dinner reservation that needed to be made 6 months in advance! This year, hubby and I had a coffee date two days before and a kid-free lunch, just the two of us. It was perfect.

I enjoy making homemade valentine’s for my kiddo’s school parties -and I have been making non-candy ones the past few years since Jayden really doesn’t need any more candy and gets plenty as is. Here is where Pinterest comes in handy!

Adorable! Bullseye valentines with free printables. A great candy-free classroom treat idea!:

Picture via Pinterest.

His first Valentine’s at school/toddler care I did bullseye¬†arrows.¬†Super easy, print the bullseye on card stock and cut out. Use an exacto-knife to cut two little slits for the pencil to slide in. I found the pencils and cutesy¬†tape in the Target dollar bins, and the eraser topper at the dollar store.

Handmade Valentine: DOH You Want to Be Mine? - The Nerd's Wife:

Picture via Pinterest.

Next up was Play-Doh cards. Again, print cards on card stock and cut out. Then cut out circle in the middle (I used an exacto-knife to start then wiggled small scissors into the slit and was able to cut all the way around). I found the bag of mini Play-Doh tubs at Target (12 or 15 in the bag, can’t remember) and inserted into the hole.


Free Star Wars Printable Valentines:

Picture via Pinterest.

This last Valentine’s Day I did light saber cards. Printed the cards on card stock and cut them out, then used a single hole punch to punch out two small holes in the appropriate spots (this varied depending on the design and where I wanted the light saber to go). Once that is done, you slide the glow stick into the holes. I got a pack of 8 glow sticks for $1 at the dollar store – can’t beat that!

My son loved each and every one of these and found them to be really cool – he’s 4! ūüôā I know the time will come that he will want to choose and/or make his own and I am all for it. I gotta say though, I did have lot’s of fun making them! I had so much fun I made a few for the folks at work as well.

I went the candy route this time since I know they all love candy ūüôā I did a combination of two styles to change it up.

Printable Smarties DIY Valentine's Day Cards:

Picture via Pinterest.


I Dig Pinterest: "You are a Gem" Ring Pop Valentine:

Picture via Pinterest. (I did not want to repackage the candy, so i just tied the ribbon around the wrapped ring pop)

Nothing big, just a little something to bring a smile to people’s faces. ūüôā

Hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day — no matter how you celebrate it!!


School is back in session!


Jayden attended Summer Camp at the same school so to him it may seem like he never stopped going, but to us parents there is a difference. Summer school consisted of swimming lessons, on-site field trips, fun educational activities. The school year on the other hand focuses more on the curriculum Рwhile still having fun. At 3-5 years old, you have no choice but to make it fun or those kids will turn on you! We have even begun his homework time when he comes home from school using different worksheets and flash cards. He seems to really be enjoying it. He even asked for it on his own over the weekend!

To prepare for the school year, we braved the back-to-school shopping even though we did not receive lists from the school (thank goodness, since I have heard how much of a nightmare these could be). We were there to find a new backpack, lunchbox, and what ever else caught our attention. This year we thought it would be a good time to get a backpack that Jayden could carry on his own. His last one was more convenient for us parents to schlep items to and from school. We asked Jayden what kind of backpack he would like ahead of time, showing him pictures. The problem with this is he is 3 1/2. His choice changed just about every day. I finally had to tell him that it was crunch time and that whatever he chose was it. No more changing it once Mommy bought it. He chose a Spiderman backpack, and enjoys being a big boy carrying his own bag. He looks so cute walking into school with his little backpack and lunchbox. He has grown up so much!

He has been in the same school since he was 20 months and we just love it and so does he. He started off in their Toddler Program, then just kept moving up and now he is in the oldest Preschool classroom. I cannot believe that PreK is next! Time is going by so fast.

While shy to start, Jayden sure has warmed up to lots of the students and teachers.¬†He has his little group of friends that he plays with at school and he is so excited to see them in the morning and talks about them once I pick him up. It is so cute to hear him talk about what¬†this person did, or what they said, or what games they played.¬†I find it wonderful¬†that he has found his place in the class and has friends to enjoy his day with and I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing he isn’t miserable when I have to be at work. The best part of the day for me though is still when he comes running to me, yelling “mommy” happy as can be when I pick him up! I know he had lots of fun at school that day, but at least he still missed his mommy (even just a little bit). I know after a while he isn’t going to be so happy to see me, will want me to leave so he can play, and will not want a hug or kiss in front of his friends so I¬†am trying to enjoy these little moments as much as I can now – soak it up

Check out some of our finds:

Spiderman Backpack (purchase at

Jayden has been loving superheroes these days so Spiderman won the backpack battle!

Fit and Fresh Lunch Kit (purchase at

These lunch kits have come in very handy since the ice pack connects to it and it comes in so many sizes. Downside, we have lost a few of the ice packs since they are so small. I just throw an extra ice pack in the lunch box to keep things cool.

Zak! Spiderman Water Bottle (purchase at

While Jayden drinks from an open cup mainly when we are home, school still requires a spill-proof cup since they are dealing with a bunch of kids at one time. We have switched to these lately, in different characters. Jayden likes it, and is much more suited for “big boys”.

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