The Little Moments

Lately there has been a lot more negative things happening in the world. It makes me think about the little moments we take for granted and re-think how I want my son to remember his days.

As parents, we always say to “pick your battles” and that rings very true. There is no need to make every little thing a bigger deal than it is. Does it need to get picked up right this second? No. Do we have to raise our voice to be heard? No. Will it kill you to be 5 minutes late? No. Is this a good example to set for the kids? No.

I admit, I run hot and cold and am quick to lose my patience/temper. I try not to, but it is not always easy. I am a passionate person, and it shows. I try to have more patience, and practice what I preach- I always tell Jayden to”use your words”.  Just because I am loud, does not mean I am heard. Talk calmly, purposefully… and most importantly, respectfully. I am also trying to be proactive rather than reactive. Prime when change is going to happen, give an idea of the schedule so they know what to expect, etc. I have also tried doing this for myself. Knowing and planning what’s to come rather than just winging it. Planning ahead seems to keep me in a more calm mindset.

I have also tried to lessen the media and technology influence. I am a creature of habit so this has been difficult at times, but totally necessary. As much as I can, I will leave my phone in the other room or tucked away in my purse so that it is not a temptation or distraction. Turn the TV off and catch my shows once everyone has gone to bed – that is what the DVR is for, right? This way I can spend more time playing or being silly. Just enjoying time together… truly together.

My next goal is to make dinner into a true family dinner. Where everyone sits together, at the same time, with no electronics, and just talks about their day. Too many times we are too busy, or too tired, or too lazy…. the list can go on. It needs to change now. I feel like we are missing out on a lot by not sitting together as a family and spending this time really talking. I want us to get into the habit of carving out 30-60 minutes for a family dinner, and not let anything get in the way.

Hug your kids. Spend time together as a family. Put away the phones and iPads. Go out and play ball. Snuggle in bed in the morning. Run out for ice cream. Go to the park and see who can swing higher. Grab some chalk and decorate your driveway. Have tickle fights.

Make each other a priority. Love each other.


Hubby just turned 40 last week! It was a heck of a celebration. His mom and I started conspiring probably around February – it was just a matter of coming together and agreeing on ideas and executing.

Mom would call me while at work so that he would not overhear us talking about it. We made sure not to discuss it in front of Jayden, because let’s be honest he is 4 years old and cannot keep a secret if his life depended on it ! 🙂 lol

In the end, we had several surprises lined up for the big celebration. David had already told us that he had requested Thursday- Sunday of his birthday week so we all decided to do the same and head out of town. Vegas was decided and we went from there. We concocted a plan to make hubby feel like getting the biggest suite at the hotel was the big birthday surprise– little did he know mom invited his best childhood friend out from Ohio to stay with us to surprise him. Then if that was not enough there was still the main event- dinner at a restaurant where everyone was to show up (friends, family, everyone – there was a good 25 of us!). We also squeezed in some family bowling, and grown up time (gambling) while the grandparents watched the kids.

Great food, tasty drinks, and best of all the wonderful company! It was a fabulous time and it could not have gone any better — well maybe if David’s reaction was a bit more obvious 🙂

It was loads of fun trying to surprise the hubs with such an elaborate plan, but boy was I glad when it was done and we could just enjoy ourselves! Too stressful keeping things from him! lol


2 bedroom suite with a large gathering space/living room – this was our Master suite! 


That view!!!


Get a strike!


Check out Jayden’s form!

Big fat Happy Birthday to my hubby, my partner in crime, my other half! ❤

New School

Jayden has attended the same toddler program then preschool since he was 20 months and earlier this year we found out our school was closing for good at the end of the school year. It is a private school and I guess it’s time just came.

We are very bummed -he has made such great friends at this school and we love the staff. But the time has come to look elsewhere and find a new home away from home for him. We are working parents who do not have the choice of one of us staying home with him so the hardest part is finding the right people for him to spend so much time with. While we want him to learn, yes, we also want him to have loads of fun and make lots of friends.

I toured school after school, and researched them online. We finally made the decision and found him his new school. I was over the moon excited when the director told me that he will have 3 others from his old class in his new classroom. When she named them, I was relieved that they were names that I was familiar with, they were his friends.

While the transition will be hard, it’s not only a brand new school but also a brand new curriculum and new way of teaching, I have some level of peace knowing he won’t be lonely. As much as this is hard for him, I think it ends up harder on the parents since the kids don’t really know any different yet.

I have my fingers crossed that we have a smooth transition and a successful transfer.


How to: Discuss Death with a Toddler

We have had a couple deaths in the family in the last year or so, unfortunately. When Jayden was younger it didn’t seem to be such a big deal since he was not asking so many questions. Now at 4 years old, he is full of questions and is very curious. It is also a difficult concept to process so there is a need to keep repeating ourselves as he asks the same questions over and over, in an attempt to understand it.

We have a funeral this week and there has been a lot of discussion leading up to it. My big thing is to keep it very kid-friendly and light. Hubby and I told him that Auntie was very sick (and he has known this for a while now since Grandma was travelling back and forth taking care of her and to visit her lately), and that she is not going to be around anymore, and that she is going to heaven. We explained that at the funeral we are going there to say goodbye, and that some people are going to be sad but that it was OK, that just meant they were going to miss her.

Another thing we have had to work on with him is realizing that this isn’t some vacation we are going on. He needs to know everyone is not there to play with him, and that he needs to keep things more mellow and use an inside-voice. We do realize however that he is a 4 year old, and that there are going to be some loud moments and defiance and we are just going to have to roll with it all and make the best of the situation – this will definitely be a time when electronics (with earphones) and bribery will come in handy 🙂

We love you Aunt D and we will miss you! 

Halloween Fun

Halloween is a fun time to get dressed up and be a big kid for a night!


AND enjoy lots and lots of candy! 🙂

Hubby and I were “Partners in Crime” stealing loot for Jayden’s college fund haha and Jayden was a Police Officer – S.W.A.T. team technically.


For me it is a lot more stressful leading up to it since I am in charge of our company party for clients, staff, and their families. Halloween typically starts much earlier for me – ordering, scheduling, purchasing. I usually make quite a mess in our office just trying to stock all the things needed for a good 80+ people. Luckily they don’t all come at one time, so we are able to take it somewhat easy on the day of. After the decorating is done, we are able to take a breath and take a look around and enjoy all the smiles of everyone around you enjoying themselves. Then the chaos begins again when it is time to clean up and pack up. Even if it is a ton of work, I still enjoy it and have lots of fun.

Halloween day itself I am able to relax since my mother-in-law typically takes charge of it. We do dinner at her house and then head out for trick-or-treating. This year we decided to try heading to a good section of houses in Agoura Hills that blocks off the streets and just has house after house looking fabulous and handing out yummy goodies. Last year we caught wind of it later in the evening and just got to see a small section of it. This year we started there so I was shocked just how large this all really is. And, O.M.G.! The people! So many people! It was overwhelming at times for me, and it eventually got the best of our little man 😦 Once we got him calmed down we headed over to Grandma’s neighborhood to do a little more mellow trick-or-treating. I wanted to make sure we ended on a good note, and luckily we did. The adults even got a nice jello shot treat at one of the houses! 🙂


To get into the spirit, I created little goodie bags for each couple, and one for Jayden too.


I started with these cute chalkboard take-out boxes I found at Joanne’s on clearance (score!). Got some plastic spiders and Hershey Kisses from Target and a spool of orange ribbon from the Dollar Tree. I printed out the tags from a pin I found on Pinterest – I LOVE when they have free printables! 🙂

They were a big hit and so stinkin’ cute- even if I do say so myself!